Dating 70's strats, the gear page

Cut a taper on one end of the shim to get it in, shove it down and break it off. Bits of it got onto the body itself. While I wouldn't call it a lightweight, it's a good pound lighter than the black hardtail above.

You could even use a second shim piece if rigid enough and lightly hammer the piece in real tight if you want. The neck date simply refers to the date that the individual component was produced. The bridges on tremolo models were cast in a single piece instead of having a separate steel tremolo block. The overall feel is narrow and round, as opposed to flat and wide, and reminds me a lot of the neck on my Jazz bass, especially down around the first few frets. The switch does feel like an older switch when switching.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The Serial Number should be on there, and you can look that up to get an approximate year. By mid, Fender began using a universal serial number sequence for all its instruments. It was illustrated to Fender in some pretty dire dealer feedback, which eventually became a catalyst, or at least part of a catalyst, for change.

Dating Late s Fender Stratocasters
  1. When the assembly line needs a body, they grab one, and likewise for the neck.
  2. You have to be careful with those neck codes because Fender was inconsistent with them.
  3. Esquires, Broadcasters and Telecasters shared a serial number sequence, while the landmark Precision Bass had its own system.
  4. So Fender were reading the script.
  5. Serial numbers have been used in various locations on Fender instruments through the years.
  6. With a decent valve amp and forty years of ageing, the average s Stratocaster is going to produce a pretty cool range of tones today.

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Frankly, it's a bit of a mess but I knew that going in and received a discount for it. Andre Duchossoir briefly discussed his findings for the codes in his excellent Telecaster and Stratocaster books. The parts of Fenders were made separately, meaning someone makes bodies, someone else makes necks, and they all just get piled up as stock. Learn everything you need to know to choose the right Stratocaster for you. Okay, so what about the thin, trebly sound, which seemed to cause so much gnashing of teeth back in the day?

For starters, there's the Reverb Price Guide which has thousands of entries with pictures and details on various guitars and other gear. The good news is, the original black hardware was kept sealed in a bag inside the case, and was included. My Tele Deluxe sounds exactly how you describe. Scantily-wound pickups which, in conjunction with the move from alder bodies towards ash, resulted in a thin sound. All bodies are Ash, indonesia and usually a heavy piece.

Can you help me confirm my 1974 Strat dating

Seventies Fender Strats Good Bad or Ugly

Another interesting thing to note about this guitar is how deeply contoured the body cuts are. It looks like I have a ish neck. You can sort of see its outline under the lacquer. Once you have the information you need, if you're interested in selling your Fender, you can use Reverb to get it in front of the largest audience of musicians in the world by clicking on this link.

How to Date a Fender with Serial Numbers

There are certainly plenty of exceptions, so again, using serial numbers in conjunction with other dating methods is always the best bet. Can you help me confirm my Strat dating? These books are the same resources we refer to here at Fender, when trying to research answers to these same history and dating questions. It has nothing to do with the date as I've seen the exact same code of pots ranging from - strats.

The Gear Page

Seventies Fender Strats Good Bad or Ugly
  • Can anybody confirm my guesses?
  • He found that part of the codes denoted neck type.
  • Note that the pole pieces are flush to the covers on pickups of these guitars and that metal springs instead of rubber tubing is used for the height screws.

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Let me start off with the neck heel and base. Kind of a heavier feel to it than a new one. And the Maya was not alone. The last four digits are broken into three. Vintage Guitars Info - Fender Information from this site used with permission.

Whether s Strats are worth the prices people ask is a debate which will never, I suspect, be resolved with universal agreement. The pickups and pots have been changed, but it is otherwise original, and one of my favorite Strats. And the three-bolt neck, for obvious reasons considered less stable a join than a four-bolt, was a side effect of the major upgrade in neck management accessibility. The color of the numbers on the end of the neck were red.

1970s/seventies fender necks

Possibly a Strat could have mixed parts, but any later should be all black. Fender could not afford to come second to anyone. This manufacturing process was used regardless of whether it was a Maple or Rosewood fingerboard. For the majority of Fender's U. The following charts detail the most common Fender serial number schemes used from to the present.

Reverb News

Body and Neck Dates

70 s Stratocasters

Tim earned extra credit for suggesting the explanation for the day of the week code. Narrow nut width, an asymmetrical neck profile that feels incredibly comfortable in your hand. It is a Torre made neck as indicated by his stamp on the back of the end of the neck.

Seventies Fender Strats Good Bad or Ugly

They are detailed reference resources with a wealth of information for helping to either establish the vintage of your guitar or bass or for just learning more about Fender history in general. Sometimes, those dates will give you a two year range. An added wire was installed to get the tone for the middle pickup working for the bridge as well. Now my attention goes to the body.

Dating a 70s strat
Can you help me confirm my Strat dating

But the thing that I'm not sure about is what you'd call the profile. Sometime in Fender switched to a black plastic molded case with black or maroon plush interior. Similarly, take a look at Behold the Jazzmaster for general timeline of the history of everyone's favorite offset guitar.

GGJaguar s Guitarium and Ampeteria Dating s Fender Guitars by Neck Code

The neck pocket doesn't have much in the way of markings. Parts were made, stored, and pulled from stock when required. There was another site that I now can't find which swaps the Y and D codes at the end. These use two staggered fastening screws and have a separate bushing intalled from the front. At this time, canadian dating web sites the location of the serial number also shifted from the bridge to the neckplate the metal plate located on back of where the neck meets the body.

In the entire pickguard got covered with shielding tape. When you have the neck pitch where you want it tighten the bottom screw. The pots look original but some of the serial number info is hidden under the solder. The only way to definitively date the U. Original Olympic White finish with Rosewood Veneer fretboard.

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